Almost forgot my blog!!!

I almost forgot my blog these days. My mind is not on making jewelry recently. I don't know why. Maybe I need a break.............

Mystic green topaz, another beautiful gem that I failed to capture its beauty with camera. Even that, they look so nice.
Again, my "green"fluorite looks blue. I love the blue color, but I want the picture to justify the gems. I really should buy one new camera, more professional one.


love these colors!!!

I can't describe how much I love this color combination!
Those concave cut pink amethyst briolettes are sooooooooo stunning. I really don't need to make complicate design. Those stones are lovely, and simple design just fit them.

Not the question is if I should create one match necklace.


Oceano Cuff

I don't wear jewelry. Recently don't even wear small earrings. But if I choose one piece to wear, I will choose this cuff.
I love the faceted stone. But its back side is not flat. It really spent me quite long time to find solution to fix it on a cuff.
Because there is customer never reply to my conversation to tell me her wrist size, I decide to make this one with adjuster so that it can fit almost both small and big wrists.