Way too early for August theme Citrus

Don't know if Citrus is still August's theme and don't know if I understood the theme correctly, but when I searched on google, I got a lot of pictures of something similar to orange and grape fruit. When I saw those beautiful sapphire, I know I found the right material for theme Citrus. I know I will create flowers with those orange color shaded sapphires, but it is definitely made for theme citrus. This design was in my mind for quite long time. I finally completed the ruffle shape flower with those gorgeous orange shaded sapphire. The base is waved with argentium silver wire, which strongly resist tarnish.Argentium silver is costly but it does keep that beautiful white silver color much longer than common silver. And cleaning is easy too. Above the silver base, I wrapped around 150 small shaded sapphire rondelles. Among the sapphire rondelles there are several pink tourmaline rondelles to add some more color. In the center there is a AAA grade gorgeous rubellite briolette measures approximately 6mm*4mm. For the chain, I used very fashionable seamless snake chain ends with 2" adjustable and a red garnet briolette.

Sapphire flower measures approximately 4cm long 3.6cm wide. Chain is adjustable from 16"(41cm) to 18"(46cm).
The best point of this flower pendant is that it looks different when you watch from different direction.


Custom Rainbow Name Bracelet

The most luxury piece I've ever created. I got crazy when I completed it. I envy the girl who will wear it. It is full with beautiful gemstones!

The corresponding gems are:
1.Lemon quartz
2.Swiss blue topaz
3.Violet amethyst
4.Deep purple amethyst
5, kyanite and iolite
6,Sky blue topaz and aquamarine
8,Green amethyst,
9,Peridot and green tourmaline,
10,Green golden quartz
11,lemon quartz
14,pink topaz and pink touramline

The small rondelles on the clasp, starts from the red garnet, clockwise there are: amethyst, navy blue iolite, kyanite, apatite, london blue topaz, peridot, green amethyst, pink topaz, pink tourmaline, The deep blue briolette under the name is iolite, the royal blue briolette is kyanite, the pink briolette is pink tourmaline.

I couldn't count how many carat stone I used because I just kept adding more and more untill the chian is totally covered. I spent one whole day just arranging those stones and wrapping them together.


Custom Bridal Set

A lovely lady ordered these: One pair of earrings, one brooch, three simple necklace for bridesmaids. All with the similar wrapped design and in red&purple.
I've made quite a few pieces with purple and deep pink, but never blended purple and red, although I know it is a good combination. Now I have the chance to try it out......
The first time I felt that I want to record the process of my work. Only several simple pictures, but I'd love to post them here.

1. Wrap the parts. I wrapped three parts: outside frame, inside frame, and some curves between two frames. I didn't make the outside frame good, anyway, I will hide it with clustered stones. I can always find excuse for myself :)

2. Bind the outside frame with the curves.

The curves are not flat. I did it in purpose, my very first design I did several months ago which was not flat because of my mistake though. I didn't leave enough room for those curves and finished the piece in arch shape that time. It seems that it is good to make mistakes, inspirations always come out from mistake : ) I am really good at finding excuse.

3. Bind the inside frame

Now it looks quite good, right?

4. Add gemstones.

The only challenge is to make those stones symmetrical on both earrings. I keep repeating the mistake of making identical earrings instead of symmetrical ones. Luckily I was aware of it at the beginning.

5. Oxidize

Oxidize, and polish...................completed! I hate polishing. I wear mask when I use silver cloth. The powder can kill me.

Here is the brooch. The first brooch I've created....................not bad.

And simple necklaces for bridesmaids:

The best thing is, the owner of those jewelry told me that she will show me pictures while she wear them on the wedding. Can't wait for March............


Grand re-opening of The Wire Artisans Guild Etsy team store

There is star, and there is dust...............

Really thought carefully how to make one necklace that fits the theme "Stardust". I joked that I am going to wrap 8 letters - S-T-A-R-D-U-S-T. But it was only a joke. This kind of thing can not be listed in the team store. Then I "googled" some pictures from stardust. Based on those pictures I made the cuff(will be in the next blog post). And I also created this necklace solely from the word "star" and "dust".

It turned out not good, not bad, and quite different from what was in my mind. Anyway this is a fresh design. I've been thinking of creating tassels with small roundels for several months. Now I finally tried to make it and I love the result.

The ideal tassel in my mind is with very tiny micro faceted rainbow moonstone. I hope I can try this idea out in the near future. Maybe earrings instead of necklace. And I am gonna to make them for myself!


First time use mainly onyx

No doubt black is my favourite color. I like to dress myself totally in black. But I use mostly blue and pink stones in creating jewelry because I think these two colors are more attractive. I don't know why I ordered some onyx facted rondelles recently. Maybe I just want to make something I love to wear.
Still with my waved flowers. Now I feel that I own a flower shop instead of a jewelry shop. Anyway, I love those flowers. I've guessing what other people would love to wear for long time. I almost loose myself. When I take a look of what I've made, I was supprised that I created so many pieces which I DO NOT like. It is time to make pieces which I'd love to wear. I believe there are people who have the same eyes like me. Don't know they can find my shop or not thought : )