Way too early for August theme Citrus

Don't know if Citrus is still August's theme and don't know if I understood the theme correctly, but when I searched on google, I got a lot of pictures of something similar to orange and grape fruit. When I saw those beautiful sapphire, I know I found the right material for theme Citrus. I know I will create flowers with those orange color shaded sapphires, but it is definitely made for theme citrus. This design was in my mind for quite long time. I finally completed the ruffle shape flower with those gorgeous orange shaded sapphire. The base is waved with argentium silver wire, which strongly resist tarnish.Argentium silver is costly but it does keep that beautiful white silver color much longer than common silver. And cleaning is easy too. Above the silver base, I wrapped around 150 small shaded sapphire rondelles. Among the sapphire rondelles there are several pink tourmaline rondelles to add some more color. In the center there is a AAA grade gorgeous rubellite briolette measures approximately 6mm*4mm. For the chain, I used very fashionable seamless snake chain ends with 2" adjustable and a red garnet briolette.

Sapphire flower measures approximately 4cm long 3.6cm wide. Chain is adjustable from 16"(41cm) to 18"(46cm).
The best point of this flower pendant is that it looks different when you watch from different direction.