April Theme Challenge - Kaleidoscope

I can't remember when I made the piece Kaleidoscope, but it was sold last September, the first piece I sold in my new shop opened on Etsy. This month I was asked to re-make this piece again by a lovely customer.
The original one:

The re-made one :
Inspired by Magdalena's Spring Vine Pendant. The center stone is a gorgeous concave cut shaded green fluorite briolette, surrounded by wrapped vine and watermelon tourmaline smooth rondelles. Outside wrapped with faceted garnet rondelles. Cluster above include rubellite, pink tourmaline, red garnet, kyanite, amethyst, iolite.


Yuki Cuff & Aohana Cuff

I was thinking the wrapped curves look good only in oxidized silver. But this cuff told me that I was wrong. It is so pure so gorgeous that I just couldn't put it into silver black. So I kept it this way.

What a pity that those pictures don't justify the beautiful shinning silver.
Here is the decorated one, again the pictures are not good. The cuff itself is much more gorgeous.


This amazed me!!!

The one on the neck must be necklace. The one on the hair???? I really don't know how to call it. This is so beautiful. I found those pictures on one of the biggest Chinese blog sites: http://blog.sina.com.cn/s/blog_3df758100100cifq.html

It seems these are some advertisement. I've no idea what kind of advertisement though. The author said that the hair decoration is nearly 5 kg.............Wow!


Custom Cuff

Custom orders and theme challenge are two most important ways for me to create new designs. I am grateful to those creative customers and fellow artists. This cuff is ordered by a special customer - a 1" wide cuff with ruby red, red, and purple, decorated with flowers.
Different from previous designs, the edge of this cuff is totally wrapped with curves. Both ends are also decorated with many curves. The gemstone flowers and waved flowers are arranged in wave shape.

This time I also gave up the button type clasp. Instead I use hook wrapped with heavy gauge wire to be consistent with the curves on the cuff.


Seeking Inspiration from Root (1) Miao's costume

Wire artisan guild's theme "Ming Dynasty" reminds me that I've forgotten abundant source of inspiration from my own culture. We have 56 minorities, each with her own unique folk-custom and costume.
"Miao" is one minority from south China which is famous with silver jewelry. Within Miao minority, the styles of clothing and jewelry differ from region to region.
This is the most common one. Girls wear this kind of costume to celebrate their festival.

The following "horn" shape silver decorations are from another Miao region.

For the first time I saw this type "ball" shape hat with a Phoenix on the top. believe that those silver hats are very very heavy and not comfortable to wear. However, in Miao's custom, heavy silver jewelry represent status.
For hair:

On the clothes:

For hands:

It is said Miao has more than 200 kinds of different costume. I just can not list more in one article.


Smooth Briolettes & Keishi Pearls

Lovely earrings that I love to wear!
First pair is peacock keishi pear and light color smoky quartz.
I have those smoky quartz in darker color, but I love so much the light shinny color!

Second pair is rose quartz and white keishi pearl.

I prefer the smoky quartz version, but I do love those beautiful smooth rose quartz.


One sleepless night, three pair of earrings : )

Have made too many flowers recently. Now come back to early wrapped swirl earrings. Nothing new in design, but I tried new color combinations, and I am happy with the completed pieces.
First pair is tanzanite with navy blue iolite.

Second pair is light brown with pink. This pair is my favourite. I love those very very light color smooth smoky quartz briolettes.

Third is risky color combination, but it turned out great!


Another Custom Set for Bride

Recently have pain in the arm, so only picutres : )
I think my favourite stone is kyanite; favourite color is royal blue!


March Theme - Emerald Isle

For me it is not emerald Isle, it is fluorite Isle : )
Emerald is too expensive and I just spent a lot for those orange sapphires. Anyway, I think something green will fit the theme well.

The flower is decorated with five super stunning concave cut green fluorite. In the center is a kyanite briolette. The rest part is wrapped with gorgeous green fluorite nuggets and bali silver beads. The flower works as a clasp, so the two ends of the bracelet join together perfectly.
Necklace is with the same flower clasp as the bracelet, and with shaded super stunning rainbow fluorite nuggets! This necklace can be worn with or without the fluorite drop. Its position also can be changed easily.