Another Custom Set for Bride

Recently have pain in the arm, so only picutres : )
I think my favourite stone is kyanite; favourite color is royal blue!


  1. Hi! I hope you feel better?
    I usually work with polymer clay, but looking at your magnificent jewelry, I think I'm falling in love with gemstones! I have to admit I didn't know what kyanite was...but I've searched and indeed you have reasons to like it so much.
    Well...keep up the good work, all you're doing is just great!

  2. I am feeling much better now, thank you!
    Kyanite is not so popular, but I love love its gorgeous blue color. I love kyanite more than topaz :)

  3. Beautiful set Emin!! And yes Kyanite is lovely indeed.

    Good to hear you're better, dear. :D