Seeking Inspiration from Root (1) Miao's costume

Wire artisan guild's theme "Ming Dynasty" reminds me that I've forgotten abundant source of inspiration from my own culture. We have 56 minorities, each with her own unique folk-custom and costume.
"Miao" is one minority from south China which is famous with silver jewelry. Within Miao minority, the styles of clothing and jewelry differ from region to region.
This is the most common one. Girls wear this kind of costume to celebrate their festival.

The following "horn" shape silver decorations are from another Miao region.

For the first time I saw this type "ball" shape hat with a Phoenix on the top. believe that those silver hats are very very heavy and not comfortable to wear. However, in Miao's custom, heavy silver jewelry represent status.
For hair:

On the clothes:

For hands:

It is said Miao has more than 200 kinds of different costume. I just can not list more in one article.


  1. Wow!!! You just have to make more pieces with inspiration from your roots! Beautiful intricate costumes! Even though I really can´t compare, the Miao culture resembles the Samis (part of my origin, and minority culture in Sweden) both in colour and love of silver. But The Samis have never been this rich, and never this decorated :). And of course wearing silver in -25 degrees celcius is not very comfy :)
    Thanks for sharing Emin

  2. I searched in google for samis and I found many pictures with people in blue&red costumes, very special one!
    In Miao's region, it will never reach -25 degree. But I think it is also not good idea to wear so heavy silver jewelry in 35 degree. I think the local people only wear those jewelry in festivals.
    I will explore and share more about Chinese minority's costume and jewelry!

  3. do you know where i can order Miao costumes and silver headdresses?

  4. Yes, I would like to know where to buy these costumes? I know it must be expensive. Please email me at pchy82@yahoo.com for more info. Thanks.

  5. Miao and Hmong at the same.