March Theme - Emerald Isle

For me it is not emerald Isle, it is fluorite Isle : )
Emerald is too expensive and I just spent a lot for those orange sapphires. Anyway, I think something green will fit the theme well.

The flower is decorated with five super stunning concave cut green fluorite. In the center is a kyanite briolette. The rest part is wrapped with gorgeous green fluorite nuggets and bali silver beads. The flower works as a clasp, so the two ends of the bracelet join together perfectly.
Necklace is with the same flower clasp as the bracelet, and with shaded super stunning rainbow fluorite nuggets! This necklace can be worn with or without the fluorite drop. Its position also can be changed easily.


  1. Your color combinations are just luscious. Beautiful.

  2. Thank you! I rarely use green. But now I start to like it :)