Repeat something old when there is no inspiration.......

I have to say, for me, summer is not a creative season. Until now it is not so hot in Japan, but one month continuous rain flowed away all of my wish for making new designs. And I know that my inspiration will evaporate in the hot weather that is coming soon.
Luckily there is still something that I can do ------repeating some signature or old designs with a different look.
It is always quite difficult for me to find a good color combination for blue topaz. So I made the pendant all in blue--------sky blue, royal blue, navy blue ,Swiss blue..........Consider that I couldn't see sunshine in one whole month, this is already the best combination I can find.

These earrings............... I love them, although there is no difference from the pair I made before except that the side is wrapped with smoky quartz instead of light pink tourmaline.
I wish my creative autumn will come soon..............still there is one month and a half.