For Autumn - Fancy leaf necklaces ~

Again I remembered my fancy leaf design, and this time I made two.................

This color combination is so "spring". Pink tourmaline in different shapes shades from light to hot pink. The other color series is lemon quartz, green tourmaline, peridot, green mystic topaz and green amethyst.

The second leaf pendant is with very cool colors. I planned to use only blue hue stones, but light blue stones like sky blue topaz or aquamarine doesn't match good with the mystic blue quartz and labradorite. Finally I used light violet color amethyst instead. Iolite is such a nice stone that it can almost fit every color : )
Chain is sterling silver, but leaves are crocheted with non-tarnish wire. I hate cleanning silver pieces, especially those crocheted ones.


This is my Creative Autumn ~

This piece is my first creation in my creative autumn. Cheers for the end of this drowsy summer.

This cuff is from my mesh cuff collection. Another "huge" piece created for the "Pirate" theme. Like the first Pirate cuff, this one is also two-tone. but this time I used black artist wire for the base mesh in order to achieve greater contrast.

The wrapping surrounds the stone is more complicated compared with other pieces. One side is completed wrapped with curves.

Here are two pairs of small wrapped earrings, also my signature design.


Repeat something old when there is no inspiration.......

I have to say, for me, summer is not a creative season. Until now it is not so hot in Japan, but one month continuous rain flowed away all of my wish for making new designs. And I know that my inspiration will evaporate in the hot weather that is coming soon.
Luckily there is still something that I can do ------repeating some signature or old designs with a different look.
It is always quite difficult for me to find a good color combination for blue topaz. So I made the pendant all in blue--------sky blue, royal blue, navy blue ,Swiss blue..........Consider that I couldn't see sunshine in one whole month, this is already the best combination I can find.

These earrings............... I love them, although there is no difference from the pair I made before except that the side is wrapped with smoky quartz instead of light pink tourmaline.
I wish my creative autumn will come soon..............still there is one month and a half.


Almost forgot my blog!!!

I almost forgot my blog these days. My mind is not on making jewelry recently. I don't know why. Maybe I need a break.............

Mystic green topaz, another beautiful gem that I failed to capture its beauty with camera. Even that, they look so nice.
Again, my "green"fluorite looks blue. I love the blue color, but I want the picture to justify the gems. I really should buy one new camera, more professional one.


love these colors!!!

I can't describe how much I love this color combination!
Those concave cut pink amethyst briolettes are sooooooooo stunning. I really don't need to make complicate design. Those stones are lovely, and simple design just fit them.

Not the question is if I should create one match necklace.


Oceano Cuff

I don't wear jewelry. Recently don't even wear small earrings. But if I choose one piece to wear, I will choose this cuff.
I love the faceted stone. But its back side is not flat. It really spent me quite long time to find solution to fix it on a cuff.
Because there is customer never reply to my conversation to tell me her wrist size, I decide to make this one with adjuster so that it can fit almost both small and big wrists.


Custom Wrapped Silver Necklace with Amber!

The customer liked the round shape larimar necklace in gold filled. But finally the custom piece becomes an wrapped briolette shape amber in sterling silver :)
I wrapped two pendants. Both of them turned out quite good.

Chain is wrapped with shaded small orange sapphire rondelles. These lovely stones are really beautiful!

Below the wrapped pendant are orange garnet and citrine briolettes.


New Scarf !!!

I don't have custom jewelry orders these days, so I have time for crocheting!
I love this pink scarf, it is so puffy! The handmade pink flower pin fits the scarf so good.

This is my style, soooooooo cool! Recently I really spent long time to learn how to make flowers. I used two very special and gorgeous Japanese yarn for this scarflette. One is super soft black puffy yarn with Sequins blended inside, the other is shinny golden color yarn. Unluckily my camera failed to capture the beauty of them. The biggest challenge now is writing description. Still I am struggling to find the correct terms for each material :(


Moonlight Necklace

This necklace was originally created to match the topaz cuff. But finally I oxidized it and left the cuff in white silver.
I am exploring some new techniques with mesh background recently. I gave up using heavy gauge wire as frame. I still don't know if this is a good choice or not. For earrings I can greatly reduce the weight this way. But for necklace, I am still not sure to add frame or not. The center triangle part is not solid, it is a Little bit flexible. I want the necklace to look delicate rather than bold. I love many bold silver jewelry designs but I finally realized that it is not my style.


New Piece for Theme "Royal Wedding" - Swiss Blue Topaz Sky Blue Topaz Moonstone Sterling Silver Waved Filigree Mesh Cuff Bracelet

I made the previous two pieces for May's theme "royal wedding " too early. So I created a new one.

The base is mesh design which I use a lot recently. The main stone is a 16mm Swiss blue topaz briolette, surrounded with sky blue topaz and moonstone rondelles.

I believe moonstone will look better in oxidized silver, and I have one oxidized silver topaz necklace can match. But I finally decided to leave is not oxidized.


Huuuuuuuuuuuuuge Projects - Crocheted Red Ruffle Summer Shawl & Gradient Silver Grey Blue Poncho

I spent more than 24 solid hours on the blue poncho. About the red one, I just couldn't count how long it took me for completing it.

This silver one is really beautiful, just it can hardly be seen from the photo.


May's Theme - Blue Moon Iolite Sky Blue Topaz Moonstone Antiqued Silver Earrings

Finally found sometime to complete my "blue moon" piece.
Because five quite big stones have been used in the design, I tried to reduce the weight from the wire wrapped part. No solid wrapped frame, no heavy gauge wire, these earrings are still exquisite.
These earrings are made from pink tourmaline, moonstone and bi-color mystic topaz. My camera again failed to capture the right color of the pink tourmaline. My tourmaline briolettes are with some pale red color, very very pretty. The pictures show very hot pink color, really annoying : (


More Flowers, But Not Wired

Now I really own a flower shop .
This 'huge' hat flower (or brooch) is made from silk, cotton and linen petals. In the center there are several fresh water pearl. Of course I didn't made the hat and it is not for sell : )
This lovely brooch is made from silk, linen, lace, glass pearl, secured with a metal pin. I love the color combination of ivory and rose pink. This one is made from silk, mohair and pink fresh water pearl. The mohair petals are so puffy, lovely!
Narrow and long ruffle scarf. Made from pink cotton yarn. The ruffle on the neck is pretty.

I am so happy that I found the beautiful blue rose pattern lace. I added light grey linen lace around it. Super soft and smooth. I love the feeling wearing it. I don't know how to name the color of this poncho. Maybe lavender ? The lovely puffy yarn is from Italy. It is perfect to be worn above a one-piece.

No scarf sold out until now. But I sold several these pretty sun gloves : )