More Flowers, But Not Wired

Now I really own a flower shop .
This 'huge' hat flower (or brooch) is made from silk, cotton and linen petals. In the center there are several fresh water pearl. Of course I didn't made the hat and it is not for sell : )
This lovely brooch is made from silk, linen, lace, glass pearl, secured with a metal pin. I love the color combination of ivory and rose pink. This one is made from silk, mohair and pink fresh water pearl. The mohair petals are so puffy, lovely!
Narrow and long ruffle scarf. Made from pink cotton yarn. The ruffle on the neck is pretty.

I am so happy that I found the beautiful blue rose pattern lace. I added light grey linen lace around it. Super soft and smooth. I love the feeling wearing it. I don't know how to name the color of this poncho. Maybe lavender ? The lovely puffy yarn is from Italy. It is perfect to be worn above a one-piece.

No scarf sold out until now. But I sold several these pretty sun gloves : )

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