New Piece for Theme "Royal Wedding" - Swiss Blue Topaz Sky Blue Topaz Moonstone Sterling Silver Waved Filigree Mesh Cuff Bracelet

I made the previous two pieces for May's theme "royal wedding " too early. So I created a new one.

The base is mesh design which I use a lot recently. The main stone is a 16mm Swiss blue topaz briolette, surrounded with sky blue topaz and moonstone rondelles.

I believe moonstone will look better in oxidized silver, and I have one oxidized silver topaz necklace can match. But I finally decided to leave is not oxidized.


  1. I admire your skills. Your jewelry has inspired me to experiment with wire crocheting and coiling. What gauge wire do you use (base and spirals)? What's the diameter of your spirals? What about the type of sterling silver wire?

    I used Hobby Lobby brand 26 ga sterling silver wire for coiling, and I'm not very happy with the result. The wire lost the glow/shine... perhaps it wasn't a very good quality wire.


  2. I use 30gauge wire for crocheting, 22 or 24gauge wire spirals. I never measure the diameter of the spirals when i make jewelry :)
    Most of my wire are from local suppliers. I don't think there is so much difference between wires, just to use dead soft.

  3. Thanks! I appreciate your reply!
    I recently tried with a copper wire and it looks so much shinier!... I'll try to find similar quality in silver/sterling silver...

  4. Really beautiful!I like the blue color very much!Seems fantasy!

  5. Really fantasic collections ..........Wow