First time use mainly onyx

No doubt black is my favourite color. I like to dress myself totally in black. But I use mostly blue and pink stones in creating jewelry because I think these two colors are more attractive. I don't know why I ordered some onyx facted rondelles recently. Maybe I just want to make something I love to wear.
Still with my waved flowers. Now I feel that I own a flower shop instead of a jewelry shop. Anyway, I love those flowers. I've guessing what other people would love to wear for long time. I almost loose myself. When I take a look of what I've made, I was supprised that I created so many pieces which I DO NOT like. It is time to make pieces which I'd love to wear. I believe there are people who have the same eyes like me. Don't know they can find my shop or not thought : )


  1. Love those flowers too Emin! And they look fab with black onyx!

  2. I think thats the best way, make what you love! I love those black drops, much more edgy less girly, which is my style!

  3. Thanks! And glad to know that we love the same style!