There is star, and there is dust...............

Really thought carefully how to make one necklace that fits the theme "Stardust". I joked that I am going to wrap 8 letters - S-T-A-R-D-U-S-T. But it was only a joke. This kind of thing can not be listed in the team store. Then I "googled" some pictures from stardust. Based on those pictures I made the cuff(will be in the next blog post). And I also created this necklace solely from the word "star" and "dust".

It turned out not good, not bad, and quite different from what was in my mind. Anyway this is a fresh design. I've been thinking of creating tassels with small roundels for several months. Now I finally tried to make it and I love the result.

The ideal tassel in my mind is with very tiny micro faceted rainbow moonstone. I hope I can try this idea out in the near future. Maybe earrings instead of necklace. And I am gonna to make them for myself!


  1. I love it Emin! It´s like the glowing Yvaine from the movie Stardust! More tassels for the people! :)

  2. Thank you, Susanna! Definitely I will watch this movie to see Yvaine!