Custom Bridal Set

A lovely lady ordered these: One pair of earrings, one brooch, three simple necklace for bridesmaids. All with the similar wrapped design and in red&purple.
I've made quite a few pieces with purple and deep pink, but never blended purple and red, although I know it is a good combination. Now I have the chance to try it out......
The first time I felt that I want to record the process of my work. Only several simple pictures, but I'd love to post them here.

1. Wrap the parts. I wrapped three parts: outside frame, inside frame, and some curves between two frames. I didn't make the outside frame good, anyway, I will hide it with clustered stones. I can always find excuse for myself :)

2. Bind the outside frame with the curves.

The curves are not flat. I did it in purpose, my very first design I did several months ago which was not flat because of my mistake though. I didn't leave enough room for those curves and finished the piece in arch shape that time. It seems that it is good to make mistakes, inspirations always come out from mistake : ) I am really good at finding excuse.

3. Bind the inside frame

Now it looks quite good, right?

4. Add gemstones.

The only challenge is to make those stones symmetrical on both earrings. I keep repeating the mistake of making identical earrings instead of symmetrical ones. Luckily I was aware of it at the beginning.

5. Oxidize

Oxidize, and polish...................completed! I hate polishing. I wear mask when I use silver cloth. The powder can kill me.

Here is the brooch. The first brooch I've created....................not bad.

And simple necklaces for bridesmaids:

The best thing is, the owner of those jewelry told me that she will show me pictures while she wear them on the wedding. Can't wait for March............

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