I love larimar

Two stones are extremely popular in Japan, one is Rhodochrosite, which is believed has the ability to bring "love" to the person who wear it; the other is larimar, been regarded as one powerful healing stone.

I bided this larimar cab from ebay. In this bracelet, the wrapped larimar also works as clasp.

This larimar I bought it ready with silver wire wrapped from Etsy. Above the larimar is sky blue topaz heart shape briolette. The chain is wrapped with semi-transparent aquamarine ovals. I love this necklace, full with beautiful blue stones.

No doubt this is my favourite. a super stunning round larimar cab with my signature wire wrapping. I wish I could find a larimar as beautiful as this one for myself.


  1. I love all of them!!!! Perticularly the first bracelet!

  2. Hi Suzy,
    Good to see your comment. Well! If you want to get design of amber stone or Larimar bracelet by amber beads then have touch on this.