For Autumn - Fancy leaf necklaces ~

Again I remembered my fancy leaf design, and this time I made two.................

This color combination is so "spring". Pink tourmaline in different shapes shades from light to hot pink. The other color series is lemon quartz, green tourmaline, peridot, green mystic topaz and green amethyst.

The second leaf pendant is with very cool colors. I planned to use only blue hue stones, but light blue stones like sky blue topaz or aquamarine doesn't match good with the mystic blue quartz and labradorite. Finally I used light violet color amethyst instead. Iolite is such a nice stone that it can almost fit every color : )
Chain is sterling silver, but leaves are crocheted with non-tarnish wire. I hate cleanning silver pieces, especially those crocheted ones.


  1. Gorgeous, now woman must go there for it.

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  2. Beautiful work. I loved the way you integrated the iolite in it. Perfect solution. Take care. Dita

  3. I love those necklace, its look pretty and expressive...

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