This is my Creative Autumn ~

This piece is my first creation in my creative autumn. Cheers for the end of this drowsy summer.

This cuff is from my mesh cuff collection. Another "huge" piece created for the "Pirate" theme. Like the first Pirate cuff, this one is also two-tone. but this time I used black artist wire for the base mesh in order to achieve greater contrast.

The wrapping surrounds the stone is more complicated compared with other pieces. One side is completed wrapped with curves.

Here are two pairs of small wrapped earrings, also my signature design.


  1. Hi! I'm always impressed by your skills and your imagination. The cuff and the earrings are just perfect.

  2. WOW!!!! ..... only this I can say ..... Incredible!


  3. Welcome back always with great pieces!

  4. Superb............Thank u very much of your sharing.

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