Simple Style Goes On!

Recently designed several earrings with quite simple style, easy to re-create, light and comfortable to wear, which are much closer to "Japanese style". Here in Asia, few women will choose to wear something exaggerated and heavy. Generally they prefer to wear classy and delicate jewelry. handmade wire wrapped sterling silver gold filled topaz pearl pink blue red green garnet tourmaline designer earrings bracelet necklace jewelry

This pair is with onion shape blue mystic quartz briolettes and tiny pink seed pearls. Earwires are handmade with 20 gauage dead soft sterling silver wire. Earwire in this shape is available in the market, but I can hardly find any with exactly the shape and size I want. So I simply made them by myself. I love this design and kept one pair for myself :)

The second pair.... Not so many things to describe. I found those lovely tulip shape rose quartz from one supplier. They are so cute that any decoration will be superfluous, so I just hang them with earwires.
I have no idea if Americans will love this kind of design or not. Just a preparation for Asian market.

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